What Is Inter-conversion Of Energy?


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In basic terms, this is the changing of energy from one state to another. For instance, energy may change from motion energy to kinetic energy and from kinetic energy to potential energy. This is difficult to understand in most cases, which is why it’s important to remember that energy simply can change forms.

One easy way to prove this is by rubbing your hands together. This motion can produce a number of different energies, and will rely on a number of different forces. When you rub your hands together, you will be experiencing friction. This is the force that appears when two surfaces make contact, and move in different ways. Friction stops objects from moving as quickly when touching another surface. It can be changed, however, by the application of different substances and the changing of materials. Putting butter between your hands would reduce the effect that friction has.

The movement of your hands creates this friction. The friction force, however, also creates heat. This is the inter-conversion of energy. The heat energy appears because the energy is being converted when you rub your hands together, and if you do this for long enough, the heat will get more and more intense.

This is also seen in light bulbs. Light bulbs emit light energy. This light energy scatters across the room, and appears to be the main energy that is emitted. In fact, a light bulb produces a huge amount of heat energy, and the light energy is merely a byproduct of the heat. Just like with a fire, heat is produced, and this energy changes to light.

Energy is a really complex part of science, and many people struggle to understand it. These explanations, however, are incredibly common and are a great way of helping yourself understanding precisely what inter-conversion is.
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This term can be used widely but to narrow it down and discuss how it is used it course, interconversion of energy is the change in energy due change is position and state meaning like conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy and conversion of kinetic energy into potential energy. This is my understanding to your question.
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I can give you an example of interconversion of energy. A light bulb is an example the conversion of electric energy in light energy, similarly to see a complete chart, visit the following link.
Interconversion Of Energy
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I would want  to know what is inter conversion of energy?

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