What Is The Difference Between Single Bus And Multiple Bus Structure?


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Single Bus structure and multiple bus structures are types of bus or computing. A bus is basically a subsystem which transfers data between the components of a Computer components either within a computer or between two computers. It connects peripheral devices at the same time.

- A multiple Bus Structure has multiple inter connected service integration buses and for each bus the other buses are its foreign buses. A Single bus structure is very simple and consists of a single server.
- A bus can not span multiple cells. And each cell can have more than one buses.
- Published messages are printed on it. There is no messaging engine on Single bus structure

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Single bus structure only one data transfer at at a single time, but multiple processor more than one value transfer at a time.single bus very cheep compare with multiple bus
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system that transfers only one data at a time is called as
a single bus structure. A system that transfers multiple data at a time is called as multiple bus structure.

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The number and type of buses used strongly affect the machine's overall speed. Simple computer designs move data on a single bus; multiple buses, however, vastly improve performance. In a multiple-bus architecture, each pathway is suited to handle a particular kind of information.

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I)In single bus structure all units are connected in the same bus than connecting different buses as multiple bus structure.
Ii)multiple bus structure's performance is better than single bus structure.
Iii)single bus structure's cost is cheap than multiple bus structure.
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Single bus lot of devices on one bus lead to to propagation delay, most of the system use multiple buses to overcome these problems

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