What Is A GIF Image?


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Graphics Interchange Format (GIF), An image file format that's most popular on the Web. A GIF image is a
compressed version of an original image based on a a smaller palette of
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GIF image is a popular type of image used on both Internet and offline setting. This is available in two formats – static as well as animated. GIF images support 256 colours at its maximum. So they are basically not suitable for photographic images. The essential feature of GIF image is the ability to compress colours and pixel areas of a given image in accordance with the large pixel area of that particular image. The most prevalent method of performing the reduction encompasses the method of reducing the number of colours available in a palette. By default, the GIF image uses LZW compression scheme to make the image as small as possible without loosing any quality of the image. One of most important characteristics of GIF image is its ability to become transparent, that is, it synchronize smoothly and perfectly with the background colour irrespective of its fore-colour. Second important characteristic is its ability to interlace which enable the image to load faster.
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Gif refers to Graphics Interchange Format. It is a bitmap image format of 8-bit-per-pixel. It uses a palette up to 256 colours of distinct nature from 24-bit RGB colour space. The introduction of the format was done by CompuServe in the year 1987. Since that time, it has been used widely on the World Wide Web. It offers a wide support and also has the capabilities to support animations.

There is an employment of lossless data compression in the gif image. This helps in reducing the file size of the image without causing any sort of harm to the image's visual quality. There is one constraint to this that the image should be rendered within the 256 colours.

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