How To Define The Nature And Nurture Theory?


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Nature vs Nurture is basically an expression that is shorthand appearance for debates about the relative significance of a person's inborn individuality, which is considered as "nature" versus individual experiences, which is "nurture" in shaping or causing personage differences in physical and behavioural character.

This term was first used by Francis Galton. Some sources claim that it could also be a reference to the words of Shakespeare's Prospero in orientation to Caliban –'A devil, a born devil, on whose nature Nurture can never stick.'

Nurture is defined as 'concern given to offspring by their parents, especially by mothers, it is now extensively regarded as any ecological (not genetic) feature in the modern nature versus nurture debate. On the other hand Nature is defined as hereditary and a range of innate organic factors affecting overall growth.
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Nature is the genetics you receive from your parents like eye colour, hair colour etc.
Nurture is the effect people in your life had on you growing up for example all the values that your parents taught you.

Hope this is some help I'm doing it for childcare right now :)
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Nature theory explains that the behavioral traits are innate and are present in the human instinct.
While the Nurture theory states that all human beings learn through their personal experiences.

To find the details, please see the link below:
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Nature is who we are
nurture is how we are raised
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Skinner was developmental therorist and he said that we are born with a blueprint/DNA (nature) that makes us who we are, but to meet our potential, we need for our parents/carers to nurture us to reach it.
This has been an ongoing debate and everybody has a different view on it, but I believe that both components are important in a childs development. A child born with the DNA to become intelligent will not do this if the parents don't support the child.
I think of the DNA as a rubber band and the nurture as the strenth to stretch it to its full potential.
Think that is the easiest way to understand it
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The belief that people are the way they are because they were either 1) born that way, or 2) raised that way. Take being gay, for example. Many people believe that homosexuals are naturally gay, and there is nothing they can do about it. Others believe that they are gay due to circumstances in their upbringing.
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Explain the terms nature and nurture?

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