My English Mastiff Has A Lump Under His Jaw Bone. I Can Move It Around. He Is 10 Months Old. What Should I Do?


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This dog needs to be examined by a veterinarian.  The salivary glands and lymph nodes are located in this area.  Salivary glands in a young dog can become enlarged secondary to trauma, less commonly infection or neoplasia.  Cysts are possible but not common in that area in a young dog.  An abscess is possible--this is a pocket of bacteria and pus (infection) under the skin--in this area I have seen it secondary to a migrating foreign body (foxtail or grass awn).  Cancer is possible but fairly unlikely because he is so young; there are also benign tumors (lipomas--fatty tumors) that can form--again his age makes this unlikely.  Your veterinarian will do a fine needle aspirate; a small needle is placed in the lump to obtain some cells for review under the microscope.  This will help identify the cause of the mass.
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If it is hard and not soft and not leaking puss then it is most likely a cyst, however you should take the dog to the vet.
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Needs a vet cause it might be really bad

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