What's The One Country You Think Should Not Exist?


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G'day Bonghit,

Thank you for your question.

Antarctica. It should remain undeveloped for the future of all mankind. Hopefully, this will remain the case.

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Joe B.
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Very nice choice, and equally good reason. Thank you as always Keithold.
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For me it is Afganistan, because they make some very ugly rules, like women should not come out and read.
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I would rather have been asked what country, and its government and citizenry, are responsible for the greatest causes of turmoil on the planet today, and throughout the annals of history.  I would be compelled by force of thought and reasoning to say Israel.  It's tribes dispersed throughout the other countries of the world have been a pestilence to all who have had exposure to them.
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Israel is definitely NOT my pick. I have mixed feelings where that country is concerned. I respect the citizens simply because of their tolerance level and how they have been shoved around all of their lives with some political idiots  from foreign nations deciding their fate.
My pick has to be Iran. However, I would not anni late the country because there are plenty of people there that are good folks and they have a great culture. I would just send in a military team to take OUT all the politicians and start over with the common folks.
No country deserves NOT to exist.
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I think Japan should not exist,because it is too small.
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Okay..... Really hadn't thought that country would pop up.... But if you choose that, for that reason I guess thanks, anonymous person.
Jack Mahon
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Relatively small in area, but a giant in power.
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Iran should be bombed back to the stone age. Care should be taken not harming civilians
as most of them are not to blame for the problems this country is causing.
No troops, just bombs, day after day until they are helpless.
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I think maybe almost any country that has slavery

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