What Is 11/2 Cups?


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You have not mentioned that what you want to measure in a cup and in which unit you want to convert 11/2 cups. Anyways, 11/2 cups means 5 and a half cup. Now I convert it in ounces because normally measurement of cup is done in ounces. There are 8oz in one cup and in 5 and a half cup there are total 44oz. I hope you are clear about it now ! If there is still confusion please comment back I will further explain it to you.
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You didn't mention that what you want to measure so I assume that you want to convert 1 1/2 cups in litters. If the figure in question is 3/2 then

3/2 US cups = 354.88 litters.

If it is 11/2 then

11/2 US cups = 1.3  liters

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