What Is Cutaneous Respiration?


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With the surface to breathe, as the skin breathe. The original
oxygen through the body surface can, in the event on the folding inward from the
surface into the air is that it is lung or bladder and prominent part in the
expansion is to the external gills, therefore, no special respiratory organs of
animals that they rely on the skin breathing, part of the animals found in
earthworms, leeches; tentacle animals broom insects, moss and other insects. In
addition, even if the animal has a respiratory often skin breathe, such as tube
coelenterate system, a number of links in the gills and breathing bag animals,
arthropods crustaceans intestinal and vascular network, insect tracheal gills
rock silkworm vertebrates such as gills or lungs, and skin are all breathing the
same time and use. But the skin to breathe on the ratio of the respiration can
be with the animal species and different temperature conditions. Such as the
eel, the lower the temperature, the higher the value of skin respiration,
temperature below 10 ℃, the skin breathe oxygen consumption up to 60% of the
respiratory, eels at night to climb up on land that is the reason why For this
reason. Frog breathing in hibernation, a high dependence on the surface, about
70%, compared with 30-50% of the normal; birds and mammals of the skin
respiration values, such as pigeons and the people are below 1% .

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