What Is The Role Of Haemoglobin In Respiration?


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Respiratory pigments of various types are present in different animals. The pigment combines with oxygen and increases the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood.
Haemoglobin is the most important protein present in many animals including man. Haemoglobin in man increases the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood to about 75 times. Oxygen combines with haemoglobin in the red cells of the pulmonary capillaries to produce oxyhaemoglobin.As this oxygenated blood circulates through the tissues; it releases oxygen where its concentration is less. After releasing oxygen the oxyhaemoglobin which now becomes haemoglobin returns to the lungs again in deoxygenated blood.
Haemoglobin is a general name of a group related compounds which consists of iron porphyry. Iron porphyry is also known as haem group which bounds to a molecule of globins protein. One molecule of haemoglobin in fact consists of polypeptide strands of two types, two alphaglobin and two betaglobin. Each globins protein possesses one haem group. All these four chains of globins have a quaternary structure which results in haemoglobin.

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