What Are The Similarities Among Aerobic And Anaerobic Respiration?


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There are a number of similarities between the aerobic and anaerobic respiration. The very first similarity is that both are the types of respiration. No doubt you already know that! Secondly, both of these processes produce energy which is used to carry out various functions of the body. Thirdly, in aerobic respiration as well as in anaerobic respiration energy is produced by glycolysis. In other words the major similarity between the two reactions is that energy in both the cases is released by breaking down glucose in the cells.

So, these are the three main similarities between the two processes, however they have a lot of differences as well.

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In both aerobic respiration oxygen is used up while in anaerobic respiration oxygen is not used up i.e. Energy is produced without the consumption of oxygen.  If we talk about in biological process then in aerobic respiration glucose is burnt in the presence of oxygen to release energy producing 38 ATP producing carbon dioxide and water.While in anaerobic respiration glucose or any other substrate is burnt without the presence of oxygen producing 2 ATP of energy and generally alcohol(ethyl alcohol) is produced.  The similarity between them is that in both process sub state is burnt to release energy.Secondly, both are continuous and occur with some specified steps.

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