Explain The Syngamy In Protozoan?


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Syngamy is the complete and permanent fusion of the two sex cells or gametes to form a zygote, which gives rise to adult. The fusion of the two sex cells or gametes to form a zygote, which give rise to adult. The fusing gametes may be similar in appearance or may exhibit all degrees of differentiation. The syngamy is distinguished into following types:
It is the sexual fusion of the mature organisms, which do not differ morphologically from the ordinary individuals but are recognized as gametes only by their behavior as in certain Rizopods and Flagellates.

If the fusing individuals are young, the phenomenon is known as paedogamy.
The sex cells or gametes are formed from the ordinary individual by fission. These often differ in size and morphology from the vegetative form.
The gametes, similar in form and size are known as isogamtes and their fusion is called isogamy.

The fusion gametes differing in size, form and behavior are the anisogametes and their fusion is known as aniosgamy.
Certain protozoan produces two types of gametes and the microgametes are found to unite together forming synchrony.
When union occurs between two macrogametes is called macrogamy.

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