What Are The Applications Of Biology For The Welfare Of Mankind?


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There are a lot of benefits which biology can bring about for the welfare of mankind and society. I will like to explain it with some examples. Basically biology deals with the study of life.

Biology has resulted in finding out a number of species of living organisms on the planet earth. There are a number of organisms which are beneficial for us and the study of such organisms in biology has contributed in exploring how organisms can give benefit to others like association of algae and fungi. Importance of bacteria and its beneficial uses in various industries.

Similarly, biotechnology has enabled the scientists, to develop the healthy species. Healthy plants can be developed genetically by biotechnology. Artificial development of sheep, dolly shows that such techniques can be ethically used for the welfare of society.

Biology has also helped scientists to discover various diseases and their treatments, which has lowered the risks of catching diseases and it has also lowered the mortality rate. There are a lot of other examples, but I think these are the most common contributions of biology for the welfare of man.

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