People Should Be Made Aware Of Conserving Water. Why?


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Water playing one of the most essential parts in humans live should be given awareness to conserve water. As it is known that there is a very limited amount of clean water that can be used for drinking purpose, for that reason people should know that water needs to be conserved so that it can be used by our future generations.

Conserving the water will help reducing the cost for developing sources of water and if the water is conserved in a good manner this will enable people to have water reserves for a long time and at the same time new water supply sources can also be developed

When water is used in a conserved manner there would be less money one need to spend each month for various household purposes. Similarly during drought and summer months when water demand is high water conservation will save us from the trouble of thinking and our dependability on water will also not be affected. And people will be able to avoid the extreme measures that are required to be taken in times of drought by conserving water.

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