What Are Components Of Information System?


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There are five major components of an informations system. These are broken down as follows; IT i.e. Hardware and software, Data or Information, Procedures and Policies as well as People and Communication Networks. Hardware is particularly key to any computer system component, and particularly relevant to the newly developed tablet systems.
The tablet market has suddenly exploded and many of these technologies have a solid state hard drive capacity ranging from 8 GB right up to 64 GB. Other tablets enable you the opportunity to purchase a small SD card in order to increase the amount of memory capacity onboard the system.
This flexibility is particularly useful if you have a tremendous amount of applications or data that you have either purchased or downloaded free of charge.
The principal reason for this flexible expansion will be that the memory of your chosen device may be taken up thanks to the vast array of games, video content and applications that are frequently and readily available online. Hardware components are also fundamental in many other technological products, ranging from games consoles to a number of mobiles and smartphones that are currently on the market. Regardless of any one device's function, the general principals of hardware breakdown remain the same.
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(To give credit where credit is due: This concept is due to David
Kroenke, who first published it in his 1981 book Business Computer
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The information system consists of five parts people, procedures, software, hardware, and data. People are the most important part of the information system they are considered to be the end users who build themselves to be more productive by using computers. People are assumed to be the ones who produce and use the information systems. Procedures were created to instruct people on the usage of the computers. Following these guidelines will assist people with the wear and tear of the machine. Computers happen to be sensitive items that have to be taken care of. Procedures that are written down in different manuals help people become aware of the different rules they must follow to maintain the up keep of the computer. The manuals also assist with software and hardware which may be printed or electronic. Software otherwise known as a program has been constructed to convert different types of data into information. It is also known as step by step instructions. Software cannot be stored electronically. Software is divided into two different categories system software and application software. System software is the operating system and all the utilities that enable the computer to function at lower level. Some examples are compliers, loaders, and linkers. Applications software is programs that do real work for users. An example would be word processors, spreadsheets, and database management systems. Hardware is known as the equipment that processes the data to create information. A personal PC is a system that consists of many different components. The virtual components like programs are software but the physical components one is able to touch and see is hardware. Examples of software may be monitor, mouse, keyboard, and so on. The hardware may differ from a PC and a laptop but for the most part consists of the same functions. Data are groups of information that represent the qualitive or quantative attributes of a variable or set of variables. Typical results of measurements that can be the basis of graphs, images, or observations of a set of variables is also data. Data is distinct pieces of information, usually formatted in a special way. Data can exist in a variety of forms such as numbers, text, bits and bytes stored in electronic memory, or as facts stored in the mind. It is also viewed as the lowest level of abstraction from which information and knowledge are derived.
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There are four basic components of information system. These are people, equipment, procedures and data.

Capabilities expected from an information system are transaction processing system, decision support system, executive information system, management information system, work flow system, enterprise resource planning and expert systems.

Some of the  trends in IT development are semiconductor technology, information storage, networking and applications of IT.

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Well, there are five components, as I know, but I believe that decent software is one of the most important ones, even though most of them are irreplaceable. The software seems to be the hardest to develop, and I even checked how much it costs to hire Python developer in order not to deal with it myself. Not that expensive, I have to say.

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