What Is The Boiling Point Of Orange Juice?


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If you've ever tried to boil orange juice, you'll realize that orange juice tends to start boiling at about the same temperature as water (100 degrees Celsius/ 212 degree Fahrenheit).

This is because orange juice is predominantly made of water (most brands are around 88% water).

The boiling point of orange juice When you heat orange juice to 100 degrees Celsius, the water content in the juice starts to evaporate, leaving behind all the concentrate and other additives that make your orange juice taste like orange juice!

Obviously, the ratio of water to pulp and concentrate might have an effect on how fast your orange juice boils. Heat travels slower through concentrate than it does through water, so small amounts of heat energy might be lost through its journey.

But overall, the way to look at boiling orange juice is as if you were boiling water that has been contaminated with other ingredients.
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It is about 45 degrees hotter than water because it has to burn up the pulp.

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