What Is The Boiling Point Of Nitrogen ?


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Nitrogen gas is the major constituent of our atmosphere its boiling point is -195 degree Celsius since it is the major constituent of air so one way of getting nitrogen is by fractional distillation of air. It is used in industry for several purposes however the interesting use is its cooling. It is used for cooling things for preservation it has such a high tendency of cooling things that it brings many polymers below their glass transition temperatures there by making them brittle to enough to break. It is positively used for create so much so of cooling that many things could be preserved using nitrogen. Nitrogen is not a very reactive gas it is actually an inert gas and its real form it exists as dimer which does not readily react. It is however a major constituent of several organic compounds like it is a major ingredient of carbohydrates and fatty acids. In addition it is also used in fertilizer industry. When reacted with certain compounds it produces very explosive products and had been used as an explosive in past. The density of this gas is 1.2906g/L. It is a tasteless, colour less and odour less gas. Its heat of vaporization is 2.79 KJ/mol

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