Where Is Vietnam?


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I am a Malaysian and hold a valid international passport.  
I am going to Hanoi this August and will remain there for three days.
Please confirm whether I still need a visa.

Thank you.


Fung Lan Yong
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Vietnam is a nation which is situated in the Southeast of Asia. The nation is officially known as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The capital city of Vietnam is 'Hanoi'. The largest city in Vietnam is the 'Ho Chi Minh' city. The official language spoken in Vietnam is known as the 'Vietnamese'. The government that runs Vietnam is that of the 'Socialist Republic'. The current president of Vietnam is 'Nguyen Minh Triet' and the current prime minister of Vietnam is 'Nguyen Tan Dung'.

Vietnam attained its independence from France on the 2nd of September, 1945. The total population of Vietnam is around 83,334,000.

The most unforgettable fact of Vietnam is the Vietnam War which was one of the worst ever, killing millions of people. Soldiers from both camps (American and Vietnamese) were killed in huge numbers.

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