What Are Five Facts About Vietnam?


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One can find facts easily on Vietnam War by just looking it up on the net. You can Google Facts on Vietnam or simply just go through all the library history books on the Vietnam War.

Firstly the war took place between the Americans and the Russians. This took place after the Second World War when America and Russia became the bipolar superior powers of the world. It was a war between two ideologies one of communism and the other of capitalism. Now as Vietnam was divided into north and South Vietnam with each country trying to spread their ideology all around the war took place.

The fact remains that the youth died from both sides of the nation. The fact remains that these youth could care less about an ideology. The fact is that all of Vietnamese villages were bombed and destroyed for an ideology they did not even know about.

If numbers is what you seek then the fact is 58,148 American soldiers died and around 3lac injured.

Now the simple story is no doubt America lost the war, but was its worth the blood shed, especially where the country stands today. It is something for you to think about.
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It was a terrible time for our brave men and women who went there.
They were treated terribly for only doing what they were asked to do for their country.
They suffered great hardships and many came home broken in spirit and body, turning to alcohol and drugs for the hell they suffered there.
It was a confusing time, people may have had a right to hate the war, but not the ones that served in it.
Any man or woman that went their and did their duty has my thanks and they deserved much more than they received.
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Let me add one more fact. Read the question on how we made beer cold, and it to is on the net.

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