Where Is The Sunniest Place In The World?


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The sunniest place in the world is Yuma, Arizona in the United States.

The city receives an average of 4015 hours of sunshine every year, or 11 hour a day.

Because of this, Yuma has a a climate that consists of very hot summers, and relatively warm winters too.

Sunniest places in the world Yuma is located on the southwestern border of Arizona, close to both California and Mexico, and is the only place on earth to receive more than 4000 hours of sunshine a year.

Whilst Yuma is neither the hottest place in the world, nor the sunniest all year round, it achieves the title of 'sunniest city' by having a consistently high amount of sunshine throughout the year.

The top 10 sunniest cities in the world list looks something like this:

  1. Yuma, Arizona
  2. Aswan, Egypt
  3. Dongol, Sudan
  4. Faya-Largeau, Chad
  5. Upington, Northern Cape, South Africa
  6. Bilma, Niger
  7. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  8. Tulear, Madagascar
  9. Lodwar, Turkana, Kenya
  10. Tennant Creek, Northern Territory, Australia
If you're interested in how much sunshine different parts of the world get, I'd recommend having a look at currentresults.com.

This source has a breakdown of sunshine per year in different cities, as well as charts that show the sunniest city for every month of the year.
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I think the sunniest cities in the world are:

  1. Yuma, Arizona, US
  2. Phoenix - Arizona, US
  3. Wadi Haifa-Sudan
  4. Bordj Omar Driss ,Algeria,
  5. Keetmanshoop, Namibia
  6. Aoulef, Algeria
  7. Upington, South Africa
  8. Atbara, Sudan
  9. Mariental, Namibia
  10. Bilma, Niger
Yuma Arizona is on the top of the list because it remains sunny most of the year as compared to other mentioned cities and the cities in the world.

There are almost 4300 sunny hours in a year in Yuma.
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Yep, Yuma is definitely the sunniest city in the world. Last year we had about 350 sunny days.
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Also, Denver, Colorado, US, is a sunny city. It has got around 300 sunny days a year... But the  sunniest city in the world has got to be Honolulu, Hawaii.
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Yuma only gets 242 sunny days a year, which still makes it the sunniest in the USA, but NOT in the world.
Calgary is the sunniest in Canada with 333 sunny days a year.

The sunniest city in the world is either Honolulu, Hawaii or Perth, Australia.
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If a "sunny day" is when the sky is only covered by a third of clouds or less, Yuma comes out on top (worldwide). The sun is out here a lot more often than 242 days a year. I can usually count how many times there was no sun AT ALL (and usually on one hand). So, i guess it depends on what researchers define as a sunny day. I can say one thing, living here (in Yuma)ROCKS. And there's a river flowing right through the middle keeping us cool.
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Yuma isn't the sunniest city in the world. The most sunshiny areas on Earth are the Sahara Desert and the Arabian peninsula.
Completely clear skies commonly persist for weeks, months and even for years in Upper Egypt for example (Aswan, Luxor...). I lasted almost two weeks over there in early April, before the extreme heat of the desert comes up, and the weather was always the same : hot sunshine every day and all the time. According to the local inhabitants, it's usual to see many several rainless decades passing, too. Yuma gets rainfall each year, and the sky is not as clear as in the desert expanses of North Africa at all.

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