Where In The World Is The Hottest Place?


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There are several contenders for this title. The hottest place in the world is El Azizia in the middle of the Sahara Desert when in 1922 the temperature was recorded at 124°F (58°C), however you could contend that Cairo is also the hottest place in the world it recorded a temperature of 119°F (49°C) in 2003. Or you could say that Dallol in Ethopia is the warmest place on earth as it has an average mean temperature of 94°F (34°C). So it's simply a question of taking your pick.
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There are several countries are very hot, as Asia, Africa, etc, but I don't like too hot countries, as I am used to cold ones. I prefer they are not too hot and not too cold.

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In Northern Africa Al- Azizia, Libya is the hottest place it touched 136 degrees Fahrenheit or 57.7 degrees Centigrade at one time
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On sun

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