Which Are Best Courses After 2nd Puc In Science?


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A PUC is a Pre University Course, and is the equivalent of a Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC). The course lasts two years, after which you can go to university or straight into work.
After finishing your 2nd PUC in science you have a choice to make about what course to study at university. It depends on the type of science you have studied. For someone who has studied biology, chemistry, physics and maths it would be recommended that you should continue on to study medicine, dentistry or veterinary science. These courses would work on the knowledge that you already have and stretch your skills further.
If you have only studied one or two of the sciences listed above then it would be advised to take a course that continues on from that. You could do a BSc in physics, biology, chemistry or maths. If you studied psychology, then a BSc in psychology could be the best course for you.
The main issue is that you have to pick a course that is best for you and that you believe you will enjoy and are also interested in. A PUC in science or equivalent allows you to go on to do a large range of courses at university, which are not directly linked to the science that you may have studied to complete your PUC. Physics links well to all forms of engineering; with a PUC in chemistry as well this could be a great course to chose as job vacancies in the field of engineering are quite high. A PUC in physics will help you to understand the structure and working of objects as well as chemistry allowing you to understand the chemical properties of the materials you may have to use.
On the other hand, a PUC in physics and biology will allow you to succeed on a Sports Science course as the biology will allow you to have a good understanding of human biology while physics will help with the study of the mechanics of the human body.
While a PUC in chemistry and biology will help you on course such as biochemistry with both helping you understand the properties of chemicals that affect the biology of living things.
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What are the best courses in the field of science related to medicine, biology ,biotechnology and degree.please give me a good suggestion

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