L-5 S-1 Collapsed Disc.I Have Nerve Damage.left Untreated What Can Happen?


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Unfortunately conditions such as these can only worsen with time unless treated surgically. Really its a case of trying to minimize the progress and treating the symptoms as they arise. Arthritis and pain is the likely prognosis and in severe cases it can lead to lower limb dysfunction. But other factors come into play such as general health and weight.  My advice is just take it one day at a time and try not to dwell on it.  I have similar problems and my health is generally poor and I am very obese. So , surgery isn't even an option for me. If you feel in time that it is affecting you to such a degree that you would risk an operation then talk to your doctor again. But a word of warning. These operations don't always work and are risky. Also they can end up causing you more grief. Sorry I can't offer you a more positive response. :)

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