Do Callouses Have Roots, Can They Grow Into The Bone? What Happens If Left Untreated, And Are They Supposed To Be So Painful?


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A callus refers to a toughened area of the skin that has become relatively thick and hard. It is due to pressure or friction to the area.
They do not have any roots. They are normally not harmful but can lead to other problems such as infections etc. So it is better if you get them treated. The treatment is simply shaving off the calluses and then padding them.
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i get really bad callesus and yes they have roots and the roots are what attaches to your foot you could try picking of the layer of skin then pulling out the root with tweezers but the roots are little blighter to get out but once you get rid of the root it will be gone mind you make sure you have clean hands
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Aicha is right, callouses build up due to damaged skin tissue. It is basically like scar tissue for the skin. Often they will provide protection, if you go barefoot a lot, do work with your hands etc. I have never heard of them CAUSING infection, but they can get infections underneath if the healthy skin is reached by a foreign object/body (bacterium). However, if you have been trying a lot of different things and cannot get rid of it, you may not have a callous but what is referred to as a corn. Those tend to be quite painful and do have roots of sorts and do require medication to remove successfully.

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