What Is The Molar Mass For The Compound Sodium Thiosulfate, Na2S2O3?


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Ok, how many of us were paying attention in chemistry or science class back when we started middle or high school?  What is sodium thiosulfate anyway and does it have any relevance today?  Actually, sodium thiosulfate, which is a kind of salt or crystal, is used for many household and for medical purposes.  It is used to make bleach, in photographic materials and chemicals, extract heavy metals like gold and copper and to make things like iodine.  It can also be used to counteract cyanide poisoning.  Now, we will go on to our periodic table.  Na stands for sodium and its atomic weight or mass is about 23. It has two atoms.  O stands for oxygen.  Its weight is nearly 16 and it has 3 atoms.  S is the symbol for sulfur.  The atomic weight of sulfur is a little more than 32 and it has 2 atoms.  Molar mass is basically how much space a compound uses or takes up.  It is the weight of a compound or substance.  "If the formula used in calculating molar mass is the molecular formula, the formula weight computed is the molecular weight. The percentage by weight of any atom or group of atoms in a compound can be computed by dividing the total weight of the atom (or group of atoms) in the formula by the formula weight and multiplying by 100.”  The power of the Internet or a simple calculator can help you arrive at the answer:  The molar mass of Na2S2O3 is 158.10774 g/mol.
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