What Is The Molar Mass Of Mg3(PO4)2?


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The molar mass is the weight of one mole of the substance. It is the sum of all the atomic masses of all the present atoms in a molecule. In this molecule, we have 3 Magnesium, 2 Phosphorous and 8 oxygen (4x2).
The atomic masses of all the elements involved are:
Magnesium: 24
Phosphorous: 31
Oxygen: 16

To calculate the molar mass, we now need to add all these masses in the proportion they are found in one molecule of magnesium phosphate.

Molar mass of magnesium phosphate = 3(24)+2(31)+8(16)
  = 72+62+128
  = 262 g/mol

The molar mass of Magnesium phosphate is, therefore, 262 g/mol.

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