The Specific Heat Of Aluminum Is 0.900 J/g•°C. How Much Heat Is Required To Raise The Temperature Of A 30.0 G Block Of Aluminum From 25.0°C To 75.0°C?


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In order to raise the temperature of a 30g block of aluminium from 25 degrees centigrade to 75 degrees centigrade, you would need to increase the heat capacity by precisely 1350j. Once the heat has been increased by 1350j, you will find that your 30g block of aluminium will slowly reach 75 degrees centigrade, your goal temperature.
In the future, it is worth noting that there is a very clever, accurate and sure fire way of finding out how much heat is required in order to raise something to a specific temperature. If you carry this little sum around with you, it becomes very easy to find out how much more heat to apply to anything in order to rise the temperature of it to certain degree.
The heat required to be applied = the mass of the substance taken x the specific heat of the substance x the change in temperature. By applying this sum next time you want to find out how much extra heat to apply to a substance to make it a certain amount, you'll be given an answer quickly and accurately, and this is certainly one to jot down for future science projects and alike.

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