Can Human Body Produce Blood By Itself?


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Yes.  I knew someone who lost a lot of blood once his skin was almost pure white.  The hospital held off on doing a transfusion as long as they could because it is better if the body regenerates blood on its own.  He did end up needing a transfusion tho.
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Thanks but what I really meant is, does the human body regenerates blood on its own. And if that possible, How that happen?
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Unless I am misunderstanding your question, the human body does produce blood by itself.  It is produced in the bone marrow.  During childhood almost every bone in the body manufactures blood.  In adults the process is performed by larger bones
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I think grace43 answer gave me an idea how to rephrase my question. Basically I meant does human body can regenerates blood by itself?
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The answer is still the same.
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It can and does every single day.

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