How Does Crime Affect Tourism?


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Whenever there is more crime in society, People in other countries will get bad image about that country. These People include Tourists who keep on visiting different countries and thus are a big source of bringing foreign exchange to country. When tourists feel that a particular country is getting unsafe because of gaining crime rate, they don't feel going there for their safety. And without tourists, Tourism cannot flourish in a country not only becoming reason of low foreign reserves but also loss of so many Jobs associated with it and the Economic push it gives to a country!
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A lot of popular travel destinations have really high crime rates.....(especially in the US)
Look at CSI, though.....Las Vegas has a horrible crime rate, and I used to think the show would actually hinder tourism, even a little! Actually it helps and promotes Las Vegas!
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If there is a high rate of crime tourists will be put off coming to South Africa. People need to go away with good memories so they tell others what a marvellous time they had - that way they are likely to want to visit again and so are their friends.
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The risk of life,finance and even

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