What Is The Concept Of Digital Divide?


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Digital divide is the gap between members who have consistent and effective access to digital technologies and those who do not have such access. It implies those who are able to harness the benefits of technologies for their benefit as compared to those who cannot do the same.

In a broader sense, it also signifies the ability to use ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) effectively, in addition to effective access to the quality of the digital content in terms of the quality of connection, services and other factors that are important for effective use.

Interestingly, the topic also finds mention in a global context. Countries that have wide availability of digital technologies can scale the economics not just locally but even globally. Countries which do not have effective access to digital technologies find themselves unable to compete in the global economy.
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Digital Divide refers to the gap that exists between different people and societies because of the access or no access to information technology. This can either be the lack of technology in the physical form or the lack of skills for using the technology. Digital Divide can occur on the basis of Gender, income, race, location etc. Another term used is the global Digital Divide which is used for referring to the digital divide that exists between different countries.
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Factors contributing to increased digital divide

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