What's The Meaning Of Business Communication?


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I have been discussing how important communication will be for your success in business. What you might ask does the term communication mean? It is certainly hard to define because it has come to mean practically anything.

Definition of Communication:The word communication means the act or process of giving or exchanging of information, signals, or messages as by talk, gestures, or writing. Technically speaking, in the act of communication, we make opinions, feelings, information, etc known or understood by others through speech, writing or bodily movement.

Communicating effectively in speaking and writing is useful in all areas of business, such as management, technical, clerical, and social positions. The ability to communicate well has always given advantages to those who possess it. Communication has a rich history. The ancient world, both the East and the West, depended on oral communication. In ancient Greece and Rome, it was necessary to communicate when dealing with matters in assemblies and the courts.

Strong communication skills are found in every job description listed by companies' advertising positions. Communication is a primary responsibility in many careers, such as customer relations, labour relations, marketing personnel, public relations, sales, and teaching. It is also required in government and non profit organizations. There skills play a major role at every level.

Even if your work is mainly with figures, as in the accounting profession, the ability to communicate to those who read your financial reports is necessary.To sum up, the term business communication is very beautiful explain in the above paragraphs.
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For the success in business communication is the key.When customers and clients are aware of your business but they will not have any information ,how to contact you to buy your product.
There are two types of communication are necessary - external and internal.
1 External: With the help of communication customer and client aware of your products and services. So communication gives the reason to customers to purchase your things. This type of communication can be done by telephone calls, web sites and contact letters. Moreover any thing else by which people aware of your products. Your logo represent you that how you are. Your telephone calls show about you that how much you are professional. These all things make your image; this is the way of your popularity.
2 Internal: Internal communication is necessary to attract a talented staff. Through different forms of communication you can motivate you staff. In which meetings, awards and newsletters are included.
3 Tools and planning is required for effect able communication. Formal and informal discussion is necessary for support of your business. Tools that can be used for communication are telephone, pagers, facsimile machines and personal Digital Assistants (PDAs).Telephone has now contains all the features and functions of PDA. Now with the help of telephone we can access the Email and internet also.
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Meaning of business study
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The meaning of business communication varies in different contexts and one of them is: "it is the process of receiving and transmitting verbal or non-verbal message." Business communication is effective only when it achieve the desire result.
If you can communicate effectively in speaking and writing, you have a highly valued skill. Communicating effectively in speaking and writing extends across all areas of business, including management, technical, clerical, and social positions. The phenomenal growth of internal trade creates the need for you to also understand inter-cultural communication, the ability to speak and write in ways that are sensitive to and cognizant of factors in different cultural contexts.
An important part of communication is the messages sent outside the company to other firms or the people. These messages can have effect on company goodwill. A carefully letter, an effective report, etc. can win customers and create a desire for company's product or services. Messages are also sent for the government agencies and certain members of the public. Such massages are important and they are planned well before they are sent.
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Business communication is a process by which the individuals within organisations interact with each other for a formal or official purpose.
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Business Communication is the set of principles followed in communicating through professional organizations in order to disseminate information, create liaisons, dispatch information and reporting information. There are various tools utilized in business communication models. For example,
  • Memos/Memorandums : To notify and update employees, subordinates and managers within an organization's hierarchy.
  • Circulars and dispatches: To notify the employees about any updates within the organization and about current events. They are usually displayed on the notice boards.
  • Presentations: They are formal meetings where a manager reports findings to colleagues, top management and clients. Often used for introducing new techniques, trainings, presenting findings, discussing proposals or even frequent intermittent fiscal reporting.
  • Project Reports/Proposals: Discussing in details any arising opportunities, business models and techniques. They are meticulously documented and are supposed to form the basis of future decisions.
  • Panel Discussions and meetings.
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Business communication is used to make a sale by promoting a product, service, or organization. Some examples are: e-mail, telephone, forums or face-to-face meetings.
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Business Communication is the process of exchanging information, ideas, and messages within an organization or between organizations. It includes written, verbal, and nonverbal communication and can be formal or informal in nature. The goal of business communication is to convey information effectively and efficiently to support organizational objectives and improve decision making.

In today's business world, having effective communication tools is crucial for success. There are many software options available to help with this. One such option is , which offers a range of communication and collaboration tools for businesses.

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Business Communication used to promote a product, service, or organisation; relay information within the business; or deal with
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Interesting Question....most times when we are being taught information teachers tend to want to divide and rule instead of teaching business life.. As a composite whole starting from the beginning and taking us up to the way we think now.  This might sound like I intend to give a long dissertation but I'll only give a brief one.
Business communication educators should first begin with the foundation or fundamentals of the craft.  Why because it provides the setting. .

Fundamentals of the Craft:- What are the rules of Business?

1.  The first rule of Business communication is letting one's staff know the Principles of being a excellent worker.
God said be fruitful and multiply...a businessman, be he farmer of manufacturer HAS TO WORK HARD and so must have hard working staff and therefore has to communicate this ideal to those who come to work for him. If they cannot abide by this rule they must go the man who hid his talents which the Lord had given him.

If his workers steal they should be FIRED forthwith but only after giving them rope to hang themselves, like the Lord did the Poor Steward  No trade Union rules should interfere..this too should be communicated when anyone seeks employment...thou shalt not steal.

The Second rule of Business

The Businessman should also live a Golden Rule of Business, never hesitate to give workers thier Just Reward, and if the workers feel they are not being justly treated, take thier pay and leave. There is merit in being a leave with a kitty...that is God's Justice...being a leave with nothing.. And God does not support slavery...those in bondage will always triumph with Him.

The Third Rule of Business;
No matter who you are be you the Master of the 'shop" or the "worker".. Love God and love your neighbour as yourself. Communicate this in you attitude to every letter you write..every smile you give.. Ever trash you pick-up for the bin..this engenders love and peace at the workplace.. And you sure will have excellent customers..if you don't get the love returned then someone is in the wrong place and God is not happy....

By the way setting the right price based on this principle communicates justice, and no the customer is not always right.. Justice is....LOOK UP and that smile in your soul will tell you when to feel good...assuming of course you know and love the Lord.

Business Communication scores a big one when the goods are 'planted' and you feel the seed of love at the end of the day......go take your wife on a spin..grab some friends and drink at RED STRIPE BEER.
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As quoted by Dr Heinz Goldmann, "business communication is an effective communication which needs to be built around a simple foundation and realization. Communication is a dialogue between two people and not a monologue. In fact, communication is more concerned with a dual listening process." There are three driving factors which lead to this conclusion: Empathy, Common denominator, and creating impact. Empathy is all about placing yourself in someone else's shoes. It's all about understanding the needs of a colleagues, customers and employees.

A bond of solidarity is essential to establish and express for effective communication.
Lastly, the impact has to be bold and focused, portraying a strong message. A communication done face to face is far more helpful than which is written or printed. The study of communication is always rewarding in the long run.
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In economics, business may be defined as all those human activities which are carried out between any two people for  buying and selling of any thing to earn some profit

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