What Is The Length Of Arabic Sea In Meters? My Email Is


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It is 352 km at the longest spots.
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Arabian Sea, the Sea Island small, coastal shelf area is small, only relatively
wide along the Indian peninsula, the coast north of Mumbai, width up to 352 km.
Arabian Sea  is the northwestern Indian Ocean waters. East India,
north Pakistan and Iran, the West along the Arabian Peninsula and the Horn of
Africa, south of the Indian Ocean. Gulf northward through the Strait of Hormuz
from Oman to connect the Persian Gulf, the west by the Gulf of Aden through the
Strait of Mande (Bab el-Mandeb) into the Red Sea. Including the Gulf of Aden and
the Gulf of Oman, including an area of 3.86 million square kilometers (1,491,000
square miles), the most deep as 5203 meters. Average depth of 2,734 meters
(8,970 feet). For the global transportation arteries.

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