What Are The Three Major Types Of Plate Boundaries?


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Their are three types of plate boundaries:
1. Divergent: Divergent boundaries are when two plates move away from each other, causing new crust to form from the magma that is released.
2. Convergent: Convergent boundaries are when two plates move into each other, either causing a subduction zone where one plate subducts (or sinks) under the other (a continental plate against a oceanic plate or two oceanic plates against each other), or causing folded mountains (two continental plates with the same density).
3. Transform: Transform boundaries are when two plate boundaries move in a side to side direction causing tension to build up and earthquakes to happen.
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There are four types of plate boundaries
Divergent boundaries - where new crust is generated as the plates
pull away from each other.
Convergent boundaries - where crust is destroyed as one plate dives
under another.
Transform boundaries - where crust is neither produced nor destroyed
as the plates slide horizontally past each other.
Plate boundary zones - broad belts in which boundaries are not well
defined and the effects of plate interaction are unclear.
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The three major boundaries are divergent,convergent, and transform. Also there is a forth one the Boundary zone

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