Help Understanding Lab Report. What Would Cause These Results?


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Low rbc's, low hemaglobin and low hematocrit are indicitive of an anemia.. Most likely an iron defeciency anemia. Absolute Monocytosis is associated with parasitic infections, Chronic inflammatiry disease,  tuberculosis, and viral infections.  Neutroplilia usually occurs with some kind of bacterial infection, stress, kidney failure, severe burns, heart attack, inflammation,and cancers. Myelocytes and metamyelocytes are immature cells that eventually develop into neutrophils, they are not normally found in the peripheral blood stream. If you have myelos and metas in your peripheral blood, then you probably have bands. Bands are the last stage of neutrophils that are considered immature. Neutrophils are developed in the bone marrow, and are released in the blood stream as mature neutrophils. This could be caused by such things as rheumatiod arthritis, and infections. Quite honestly, I couldn't pinpoint anything specific that may be causing your abnormal CBC.... But from what Information you have given, I would suspect early rheumatoid arthritis.Its possible to have RH and not have the pain yet. If your current doctor can't figure out what is wrong, go to another doctor. Your symptoms and lab results are significant, and you need to keep seeking a doctor that can properly diagnose you. Good luck Hon, I hope I have helped you.
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I got my blood drawn for two different drs on the same day at the same time. There were two different reports generated: One for each dr. Oddly, on one test my Complement Serum C3 comes out as high (193) but on the other test it comes out in range (175). My C3 was also high (196) when I got ANA testing in January. None of the other basic ANA indicators are out of range. When I look C3 up online I only get colitis or cancer as possibilities yet I have many symptoms of Lupus. (Still waiting on biopsies after lower GI but no abnormalities found during the procedure and no gluten, wheat or other allergies.) My ANA is not positive but I don't know if my lab is using the cheaper less reliable test that came out recently or whether they are using the one where 99% of the negatives are true negatives. How often do the blood tests just not pick up autoimmune conditions? I am so frustrated bc the drs are relying so heavily on the tests that not only do they fail to diagnose me but they also leave my conditions untreated. The ER Dr. Thinks I have something autoimmune that was attacking my lungs during my last "flare" if that's what you can call it. How reliable are autoimmune blood tests or blood tests in general?

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