Which Of The Following Orbital Diagrams Is Incorrect Because It Violates Hund's Rule?


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The two diagrams that are furthest right violate Hund’s Rule, which
states that all of the orbital diagrams must be filled entirely
before the pairing process can commence.

The genius responsible for Hund’s Rule is the German scientist
Friedrich Hund, who offered his name to theories he created in the
late 1920s. Three rules were created in total, and the first one
focused on the multiplicity that can be maximised between electrons.
According to experts and the teachers who impart their knowledge on
chemistry to students, this is the most important rule out of the
triad that were created. You can read more about this theory by
following this link:

The second rule looks at what makes different electrons repulse one
another, and this relates to the orbital direction that certain
electrons follow. This exploration and observational theory has been
valuable in ascertaining the energy levels of certain types of

Hund’s work can also be used for measuring certain traits of atoms and
molecules. The best example of this is probably when determining the
lowest energy level of these forms of matter. Throughout the
scientific world to this very day, ground state is measured through
the work of this great scientist, and many have aspired to follow in
his footsteps after he achieved plenty of wonderful discoveries in
his colourful life.

A member of the governing body for Quantum Molecular Science, it’s
worthwhile to note that he studied mathematics and physics at a
German university.

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