How Do You Prepare Supersaturated Solution?


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This is how you make a supersaturated solution
ill use table salt (NaCl) as an example
you firstly need to get the water to boiling point or a very high temperature.
Add as much salt as possible. More salt will dissolve at a higher temperature because the temperature allows more reactions to happen. 
After no more salt can dissolve take the water off the heat and let it cool down to room temperature or chuck it in the fridge to speed it along.
This  will have more salt than the water can hold but still stays dissolved
you now have a supersaturated solution.
I'm just a yr11 kid tho who's average is 50% for the first semester... But this I know
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Any solution can be considered as a solute-solvent system. An example of this would be adding table salt (NaCl) to water to dissolve the NaCl producing common salt water. To prepare a supersaturated solution of salt water add enough NaCl to water that a small mass of NaCl appears in the bottom of the container so no more NaCl will go into solution.
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Tthis is wrong. What you have described (a solution with some solute remaining on the bottom of the reaction vessel) is a saturated solution in dynamic equilibrium.

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