Why Do People Live In The Alps?


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Since the paleolith (60,000~50,000 years ago), the Alps mountainous
area  had the humanity to live, they hunt; From French Ezelle (Isere) river
valley nearby Wei Kohl above (Vercors) river's to Austrian Tao Pu Leeds
(Taupliz) advantage Ghale Hall the (Lieglhohle) river, has left behind the
handicrafts in each region. Will retreat later (for 4,000~3,000 years the Alps
glacier ago), in the mountain valley will then live has the Neolithic Age
people, they will hit the mark the life in the cavern and the young resident,
some small residential areas will be construct in nearby the Alps lake shore. In
the Anexi lake (Lake Annecy) neighbor, the Rineiwahu coast, Austria hold the
Tess mountain (Totes Mountains) China, Italian Austria Sita (Aosta) and card
Monika in the (Camonica) river valley, discovered that has the scene which this
kind of resident lives. Card Monika river valley by about 20,000 rock carving,
but is famous, these stone carvings left behind more than 2,000 years humanity
to occupy the situation precious and the vivid picture.

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