How Do People Survive In The Himalayas?


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Same as they do in the Andes, the Rockies and the Alps - they graze herds in the high pastures in the summer, and bring them down the mountain in the winter.
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Nearly 40 million people inhabit the Himalayas. The population, settlement, and economic patterns within the Himalayas have been greatly influenced by the variations in topography and climate, which impose harsh living conditions and tend to restrict movement and communication. People living in remote, isolated valleys have generally preserved their cultural identities.  However, improvements in transportation and communication, particularly satellite television programs from Europe and the United States of America, are bringing access from the outside world to remote valleys. These outside influences are affecting traditional social and cultural structure.  For the mountain people living in the Himalayas, the mountain range continues to be the predominant factor in their lives.  The Himalayas, over the centuries, have additionally attracted trekkers, mountaineers, pilgrims and ascetics. Since time immemorial its rugged heights crowned with snow and draped in vast glaciers has lured man to pit his courage and ingenuity against its dangerous challenge.  Trekking in the Himalayas is now quite enjoyable and has become comparatively easy with the development of lightweight equipment and clothing with booming tourist infrastructure. There are difficult treks as well as easy treks, long and short treks. Vehicles, helicopters and aircrafts are also available to explore the Himalayas according to one's resources, taste and leisure time. But you still find people in remote mountain villages who maintain the age old traditions and have not changed for generations. Visitors to the Himalayas however need to make sure that they are equipped for the climate, and must be prepared for the hike or climb by ensuring they have suitable footwear, clothing, sleeping bags, backpacks for hydration and other sensible gear.  There are many sites that can provide a comprehensive list, and they are all important for survival in the Himalayas.

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