What Melts Ice The Fastest? Sugar/salt/sand/pepper?


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Things needed(I did the exact same project)
4 ice cubes
4 plates

Procedure: Take the ice cubes and measure them very quickly. Then put the ingredients on the ice cubes. Start the timer which should be set for 3 minutes. When the time is up measure them again and whichever is the smallest has the ingredient that melts ice the fastest.
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It shouldn't take you all that long to do a simple version of this experiment for your project. And if you only need to turn in a description of the procedure you are going to use, that's even easier, and you can get an idea by reading through this.

If you don't already have a given format to follow to describe your procedure, I would suggest you start with a statement of the project and what you are trying to figure out.  Then you make a guess as to what you think your answer will be--that's called a hypothesis--(your guess).   Which of the substances do you think will melt ice fastest  and why? DO you know anything about the 4 substances chemically that might make a difference?  

Now describe what you plan to do:  For example, get four ice cubes similar in size/shape and set them in 4 separate dishes (or you can use paper towels to set them on).  Sprinkle each ice cube with a 1/2 tsp. Of a substance (one with sugar, the next with salt, next with sand, next with pepper.  Write down the starting time on a piece of paper. Leave them out at room temperature for 20 minutes and check on them.  Which one is melting fastest?  Can you see a difference?  Write down the time you observed and what you saw.  Leave them for another 20 minutes.  Again record the time and your observations.

You need to do the experiment or project to have something to write down as far as what you observed, but you can lay out your paper like this.

1)Describe the experiment  - what you are trying to figure out/what question you are tyring to answer with this experiment
2)  state your hypothesis (what you expect will happen--what your guess is).

2) Describe your procedures.
3) Describe your observations in detail, and the times you observed, and what was occurring.

4) Write the conclusion:  (Which substance, if any seemed to melt the ice fastest? Why does that substance lower the melting point of ice?)
5)  Explain what happened.  Say what you know about the substance that melted the ice the fastest that might be the reason it did so.  Was there a chemical reaction that caused it?  What is that chemical reaction? Is the substance water soluble (dissolves in water) and is it possible some of the water molecules in the ice are being displaced by the ones dissolving into the water/ice?  Does one of the water soluble substances have a "heavier" molecule that seems to displace the water /ice molecules faster?
6) write a short conclusion telling if your hypothesis (guess) was right or not and why it was or wasn't

Good luck!

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Excellent, Amore.
I just wanted to add that in experiments like that, one should do at least 3 sets and then average out the results to get a more reliable conclusion.
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Salt melts the ice faster than sugar,sand and pepper
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Gather all materials.
Place Water in the refrigerator and freeze it.
Make sure there all the same size
place them on napkins
put the ice cubes in 3 grams of sugar sand and pepper
record the time of its melting
repeat  your experiment 2 more times.
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I got this project to mine is also due tom.  I have learned just to write down what you need to do first ex: First I'm taking 1 ice cube for each bowl ,then sprinkling I tsp on to each and timing seeing which is faster try making a hypothesis
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I don't know exactly but I'm guessing that sand would melt it the quickest. Do let me know which one melts it fastest after performing your experiment.
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I think ice would melt the fastest because ice melts snow and ice is the same as snow think ice is cubed and snow isn't and I don't think sant and pepper is going to do any thing!
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I did this experiment, but with salt, sugar, pepper and alone, I havent gotten a grade yet, but I hope its good, its my first project alone
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Salt added to water hastens the freezing point leading to melting at lower temps. Energy is needed to expel salt atoms from the cold water since you can't get ice unless there are no ions inferring with the structure. IOW ice is put crystals of water with no impurities. So I disagree with the other guy.
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I think ice will melt the fastest because ice melt the snow outside but they use bigger ice but if I use a small amount of ice cubes and a small amount of salt I think the salt will melt the fastest.
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Salt. I am doing this experiment too, is it ok if I freeze the ice cubes with the impurities inside? And not sprinkle it on the ice afterwards?
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Sugar, Salt, Sand and Pepper will never fasten the rate of ice Melting ...
BUT Heating will :D

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