What Is Zirconium Used For In Everyday Life?


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The zirconium thermal neutron capture cross section is minor, has an outstanding
core function, be to develop essential material of atomic energy industry, but
to do reactor core material of construction. Zirconium powder exchanges a
combustion in air , may do the priming blasting cap and ballistite. The
zirconium may be used for high grade steel being deoxidized getting rid of the
sulfur additive , the group who is also that plate armour steel , the artillery
use steel , stainless steel and heatproof steel is basic. The zirconium is
important magnesium alloy alloying element , can improve magnesium closing a
tensile strength and processing a function. The zirconium is still aluminium
magnesium alloy degeneration agent, energy thin melt crystal particle. That the
zirconium can absorb gases such as oxygen , hydrogen , ammonia in large amount
when heating, is an ideal air-breathing agent , zirconium powder does getting
rid of the gas agent , using zirconium silk zirconium movie as grid electrode
holder , positive electrode holder and so on if the electron tube is useful.

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