How To Deal With Customers Face To Face?


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Customer service is one of the most vital ingredients in a business's recipe for success. This is not only important over the phone, but also, and perhaps even more so, when dealing with customers face to face.

The best way to sum up good customer service is done in this statement: 'Treat every customer as a GUEST'.

Greeting customers.
When customers walk through the door, their presence should be acknowledged with a smile and a friendly greeting. This will give them a feeling that they are important and are being given attention.

Understanding their needs. This is about letting the customer know that assistance is available if required, without being overwhelming by constantly hovering at their elbow.

Queries or complaints should be dealt with immediately and in a polite, efficient manner. If this is not immediately possible, the customer should be informed why and how long it will take to find a solution. Follow-up should be ensured and completed as soon as possible.

Eye contact Making eye contact assures the customer that they have undivided attention. Mobile phones etc. Are unacceptable on a shop floor, as are private conversations between staff and bad language, particularly while dealing with customers.

Smiling It does not hurt to smile and even disgruntled customers are usually very quickly calmed when approached with a smile and in a friendly, yet professional manner.

Body language should also be watched. Body stance should be open. Small gestures can make a big difference, as can facial expressions. Distance is another important factor. It should be close enough to hear/be heard, but far enough to not invade personal space.

Thanking them Saying thank you after a transaction has been made will make the customer feel appreciated and more inclined to return.

G- reeting,
U -nderstanding
E - ye contact
S - miling
T - hanking.

Customer service in a nutshell!
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Depends on what business you are in... In most cases it pays to be honest and kill them with kindness. It earns trust with the customers.
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Be confident  pretend you know what your talking about even if you aint that sure people can be abnoxious too no matter who you are they are pist your just unlucky to be the one thats gets there wrath
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Just talk to them, be nice and smile.
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Its hard to deal with some people face to face lol there is just some people you can't please.. Just remember in business they say customers are always right!!  Always smile and be respectful. First impressions are lasting impressions..  If they have a complaint about something listen to the customer, identify the problem, never blame the customer, then find away to resolve the problem to make the customer happy.
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Tell em to **** off and get a real life lol
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Yeah do that and you would be looking for another job too!! Lol :)

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