What Is The Importance Of Speaking Clearly And Slowly When Dealing With A Customer Face To Face?


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There are several reasons why it is of great importance to speak both clearly and slowly when dealing with a customer face to face.

A brief outline of some of the reasons are as follows:

•    It makes sure the customer can understand everything you are saying
•    It provides a calming way of getting your message across
•    It will help anyone who is foreign to understand you
•    It should help people who are hard of hearing to pick up every word

If you speak clearly and slowly then it is a great way of ensuring you are fully understood and can give the customer the impression you are in control and can handle any query or request they may have.

Someone who is rushing and speaking fast and disjointed will give the impression they are not coping and cannot deliver the customer service you may be after.

Along with speaking slowly and clearly, there are other very important behaviors to adhere to in order to provide the best possible customer service. When dealing with a customer face to face it is crucial to make eye contact and to engage with the customer.

You should show you are listening intently by nodding when they are explaining their problem and also smile when you first greet them. You should never interrupt a customer and give them all the time they need to explain what they are after.

Facing customers can sometimes seem a daunting prospect but learning the mentioned techniques can make it a lot easier and ensures you will always provide the best possible service to any customer.

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