What Is The Definition For Emotional Development?


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Emotion development refers to a child's increasing awareness and control of their feelings and how they react to these feelings in a given situation. Emotional development should be started at an early age as soon as children start nursery and pre-school so that their interaction with others will help develop them in both social and intellectual ways. Emotional development and intellectual development normally go hand in hand to help the child develop socially because it is the interaction amongst both children and adults that creates a healthly emotional state.

The difference between positive and negative feeling towards any given situation may be due to emotional development. Some children respond very well to a multitude of different social situations and interaction which would suggest they have a strong emotional development while many children today have quirks and ticks from emotional problems or trauma which causes them to have difficulty interacting in social scenes and find daily routine difficult to deal with. Some people lacking in emotional development are the complete contrast and suffer when their routine is interrupted. This is typically seen in children with autism who cope better when regular routine is kept.

From the age of two onwards the child begins to test himself or herself and the boundaries that the world has put before them. This is standard child-like behaviour which is a good way to start the process of emotional development. Not all emotional development is done through interaction and children should be left to discover things on their own from time to time. Problem solving then becomes a strong part of their day-to-day life where for children every first attempt at routine or duty is a problem solving challenge. Positive reinforcement is encouraged for both good results and poor results and will encourage the child to persist in problem solving.
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In children, emotional development refers to the attainment of emotional capabilities and their expansion as the child grows. These capabilities enable the children to have feelings about what they do and also about others. Emotional development provides children the capabilities and skills that they need to function and survive in the society as well as the world. There are many different stages in the development of a child’s emotions and at each stage; the child learns a new kind of emotion. You can find morehere.
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Emotional development is basically a concept that helps people of all ages to cope with the realities of life. The examples of emotional development can be as follows:
- A 9 year old kid is living with his parents. They are a middle class family with the father the sole bread earner of the family. One day, the dad dies in an accident. They have to vacate the house, shift to a poorer locality and mom has to do menial jobs to support herself and the kid. The kid is going through all this trauma and is going through the process of emotional development at the same time. He gets mature in a month's time after seeing the harsh realities of his new life.
- Another example can be that a first time mom loses her baby after a month due to her sheer negligence and lack of knowledge. She is going through the process of emotional development. As she gets to know the other side of her family and husband who are reprimanding her on her behavior.
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Childrens’ emotional development can be tracked in the same way as their cognitive, physical and moral development. Most models of emotional development attempt to describe the stages through which a child or young person progresses to emotional maturity.
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It is a child developing it's emotional skills to succeed in society for example how a toddler would throw tantrums as a reaction when an adolescent would probably channel their emotions in a conversation if not going to throw a matured tantrum. It is how we deal with our emotions and how it changes over time.
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Emotional dev could be describle as a way whereby one behave in the society at large
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Emotional development is basically dealing with all the issues in your life, expected or unexpected using good judgement, not reacting out of fear or anger but responding appropriately to any situation.  Many people carry around a lot of emotional baggage and cannot see beyond the limits of their immaturity.  They do not respond to the reality of a situation but more to their imagined perception of a situation.  These people make a lot of mistakes because they never think things through with a clear level head and make rash decisions.  I think some people are lucky to have had good role models that give them a boost in doing the right things.   Many of us stumble through mistake after mistake but then picking ourselves up for the umpteenth time, we start to learn.   There really are rules to this life, starting with the Golden Rule.  You have to treat others decently and control your own behavior. There are consequences for every action.  You and only you are responsible for your behavior.  Just knowing that is fundamental for emotional development.  

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