How Can I Improve My Social And Conversational Skills? I Seriously Need To Stop Saying The Wrong Thing All The Time.


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Will Martin answered
Are you sure that you really say the wrong thing all the time? I mean that many -perhaps most - people worry that they've been tactless, or rude, or made themselves look silly or whatever. And maybe sometimes it's true, but the thing to remember is 1) everybody does say something silly sometimes, and 2)most people are too busy worrying about the impression they themselves are making, to think too much about whether another person's manners/ conversation are up to scratch.

So the main thing is probably to worry less. As for improving social skills, there is one thing that everybody loves and that's a good listener. Also, the more you listen, the more you realise that very few people actually have good social skills anyway! By wanting to improve yours, you've shown that you are a sensitive person who wants to interact well with others. If you can give others a hearing , take them seriously and ask questions when you need to, you'll be a valued companion anywhere. Best of luck.
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Rajeev Jadhav answered
I agree to the answer given by Wordy, partially. Its very good that you are conscious about yourself. Keep that up.
The part that I agree with is, 'Be a good listener'. With this you are anyway gonna end up reducing the amount of your speech. And then after you've practised well on that, you need to analyse the kind of responses you receive to the things you say/have said. Then pick the most appropriate/positive responses and try to relate your tone, vocablary etc.etc. in a similar fashion to what you'd said to get those sort (appropriate/positive) of responses.

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