Is The Canary Seed Milk Agatha Alpiste Menonita Safe For Human Consumption?


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The following site: claims that it is, but they also have a disclaimer that tells you that none of the products that they are selling have been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). This, though, is usual for this type of product and does not automatically mean that a product is harmful or illegal. The best thing that you can do to be absolutely sure is to check out any product that you are considering with your doctor.

The disclaimer also goes on to say that no product that they sell should be used as a substitute for advice or treatment from your physician, and that you should consult your physician before taking any supplement. They also tell you that any testimonials that they display cannot guarantee that you will have the same response.

Having said that, they go on to maintain that canary seed milk Agatha alpiste menonita is a powerful enzyme recharger. Their claims, though, are not made in the best grammatical English, which is always more than a little worrying.

They claim that this product is an excellent source of antioxidants, which prevent (note that they say ‘prevent’, not ‘help prevent’) aging and premature wear of the skin. They also maintain that the enzymes in the seed are ideal for swollen internal organs.

After that little snippet, it’s up to you to decide if you are prepared to risk it, but please note, if you have health problems, or are pregnant or lactating, they will also tell you not consume it!
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Yes it is, it have been proved to help with the pancreas activation it contains a lot of amino acids and help cleaning the liver from fat, so it really helps.
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This product is made with bird food quality alpiste and is NOT silica fiber free.
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This is not safe for human consumption.

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