The particular level of weight that the body strives to maintain, which in turn regulates food intake, is known as the __________ point. A. Ratio B. Obesity set C. Intermediary D. Weight set?


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The particular range of weight that a body continually strives to maintain is the so-called weight set point. It controls body weight by regulating food intake through a range of complex mechanisms.

  • Internal Regulatory Mechanisms
The weight set point works as a regulatory system similar to other internal systems, such as the control system for blood circulation; the sugar adjustment in the blood stream and body temperature.

Just like the body's temperature is kept at a particular rate, so the weight of a person is internally regulated to stay between 10% and 20% of a particular weight. This is achieved through a complex network of feedback censors, chemicals, hormones and hunger signals.

  • How the Weight Set Point is Determined
Although genetics play an important role in setting the weight set point, eating habits and exercise also have an influence.

Overeating, for instance, will swamp the regulatory system, ultimately resulting in an increased set point. A body will simply adjust to the new, higher weight and alter the set point in order to defend this new weight.

Unfortunately, it is much easier to set the point higher than it is to lower it. It may be difficult, but it is possible to reset the weight set point to a lower weight. Changes in exercise habits and healthier eating will eventually result in the body resetting the point to a lower weight.

This is why so-called crash diets rarely work. The body does not have enough time to adjust to the new, lower weight before the diet is over. It will then do its best to regain the weight before the diet, by sending increased hunger signals, slowing down the metabolism and who knows what. A slow, controlled diet allows the body to respond and reset the weight it defends gradually.
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The particular level of weight that the body
strives to maintain, which in turn regulates food intake, is known as
the C. Intermediary point.
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The only thing that comes to my mind is "homeostasis"..A tendency of biological systems to maintain stability while continually adjusting conditions that are optimal for survival. 'Homeostatic mechanisms' are necessary for the body to regain its balance when disease or injury occurs and to maintain that balance if it is to remain healthy.
In my own opinion, body weight and food intake were once very easy for mankinds' body to automatically know and maintain on its own. In the days of my own Granpa for example, who was a doctor in Mexico and San Antonio, he never had a weight problem and ate what ever his body seemed to want and tell him to! He worked in the badlands of old Mexico in the later era of the 'old west', and did so much ranch work and constant physical exercise that eating was programmed into his brain by need as he burned it off. This is truly how we were created to function.
Nowadays because of our 'modern' world improvement in living, we have much less reason to physically exert ourselves. Obesity today is a common 'pandemically' prevailing problem! Right along with 'food cravings' that people never used to have.

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