How To Make A Working Model On Drip Irrigation?


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In order to construct a drip irrigation system, you need a length of 0.5 in PVC pipe. All you then need to do is glue the PVC cap onto one end of the pipe and let it dry out. The best place to purchase these types of things is at any good hardware store.

So, when you have gone out and got the necessary materials, you will need on the other end to stick and glue on the threaded fitting. You will ideally want a female fitting in order for you to fix on the male end of your water hose into it.
You will then need to take a small drill. If you have one that is great but if you do not own one you can borrow one or either go to a hardware store or a DIY store to buy a small electrical one.

Take the drill and drill bit by bit a number of tiny pin sized small holes into your pipe. One hole should be no more than every 10 - 12 inches apart, this should be pretty effective.

Once you have drilled the little holes you will be good to go with your very homemade and extremely cost effective drip irrigation system. All there remains to be done is to screw in your water hose and switch it on. A drip system can be installed so it is placed into each of your flower beds and buried deep in the soil or just place it wherever you wish but spread apart.

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