How To Make 4 Working Model On Energy Conservation?


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Working models that are commonly used for energy conservation are: Solar panels, wind turbines and hydro electricity. Each of these can be used to turn the elements into usable electrical energy instead of us relying constantly on our planet's fossil fuels that are running out at an alarming rate.

  • Definition of energy conservation
The definition of conserving energy is actively reducing the amount of energy that is used by a household or making sure that the energy that is used by that household is used as efficiently as possible. Because we use energy to do things like warm up something, moving things and lighting up rooms, energy conservation refers to reducing that energy.

  • How to conserve energy in your home
Changing the way that you live can really help to make a big difference to the amount of energy that you use. Try turning down your thermostat or putting a jumper on instead of just turning the heating up. Ride your bike or take the bus into town instead of driving your car to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Recycle as much as possible
A lot of items can actually be recycled nowadays so it is always good to try and recycle as much as possible such as newspapers, scraps of paper, glass, aluminum and plastic bottles. If you can't recycle it, see it you can re use it e.g. Re use plastic bags when you go shopping or have several sturdy bags that you only use for shopping.

  • Invest in appliances that are energy efficient
Even though it costs that little bit extra, energy efficient light bulbs and other household appliances can really make a difference, and you will also save money in the long run. By switching appliances, you are doing your bit extra for the planet.

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