Where Is Troisdorf Germany?


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The German town of Troisdorf is located in the Bundesland or federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Cologne lies twenty two kilometres north of Troisdorf and Bonn is thirteen kilometres to the south west. The town lies in the south of North-Rhine Westphalia in the west centre of Germany.

The town has a population of around seventy six thousand six hundred people and is located at an altitude of fifty five meters.

The town boasts the Burg museum Wissem which is a picture museum, the only one in Europe of its kind. The town has a number of famous sons including Paul Schafer, Tom Buhrow, Sophie Moser and Rupert Neudeck.

The town has a substantial proportion of foreigners including three thousand one hundred Turks and one thousand six hundred Greeks. Manfred Uedelhoven is the current mayor of the town.

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