Where Does It Snow In France?


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For the purpose of describing the weather conditions prevalent in France in the winter season, the country is divided into five climatic zones, namely northern and northwestern France, southwestern France, central and eastern France, the Mediterranean Coast and Corsica and the mountainous regions. Winters in northern and northwestern France are generally mild. It does not snow too frequently in these regions, and frost is not very common either.

The western part of these regions receives very little snowfall or frost. However, it rains throughout the year in northern and northwestern France. Winters in southwestern France are generally mild. It does not experience cold spells for a long period of time. Winters in central and eastern France are generally severe. There is a greater chance of snow and frost.

It is the coldest in the eastern and southern parts of this region. This part of France does have very cold spells occasionally during the winter. Winters in the Mediterranean coast and Corsica are generally mild and sunny. It is usually pleasant, but there are some cold and blustery spells occasionally, which are characterised by strong northerly winds called mistral. These winds blow extensively in the Rhone Valley and in and around the city of Marseille, but not in Monaco. The mistral occasionally brings in cold spells during the spring as well.

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