Does the fact it snowed in Egypt disprove global warming?


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Not really.

Although global warming does suggest the temperature of the planet is increasing, the 'road' to a warmer planet can mean unusual and extreme conditions on both ends of the spectrum.

The recent snow in Egypt (reportedly the first in 112 years) is being blamed on a "stalled area of low pressure" ( posted an interesting article about how we're all headed for a "Game of Thrones Winter" because of global warming way back in April 2013).

So, for now, Egyptians on Twitter maybe be sharing wonderful images of a nation delighting in snow (while Georgia looks on enviously), but it's important to note that this kind of weather, especially in areas that aren't prepared for it, can have devastating effects.

Think of all the refugees of war literally suffering in ill-prepared camps across the Middle East for example...

And it isn't just humans that feel the cold.

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